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In light of recent high-profile cases such as Terry Schiavo and Prince, the public has become more aware of the complications of not creating a living will or putting a plan for estate succession into place. Make no mistake though, these things happen to people of every race, class, economic group and status every single day. In the absence of a legally binding will, the already confusing emotions of the loss of a loved one can be compounded with infighting and disputes over property and money, and who should get what. A legally binding will can ensure peace of mind for your family in the event of sudden passing.

When no will is in place, the state of Louisiana will intervene and assign estate benefits to anyone eligible to fill that role. This could include estranged members of the family who haven’t even spoken to the deceased in years. Louisiana is a community property state. It is imperative that you obtain sound legal advice before deciding on the contents of your will and testament. Your attorney should explain the law carefully to you before you draw up a will to ensure that your Will will be complied with within the event of your death.

In the event that no absolute heirs present themselves, very distant relatives can inherit your life’s work. No matter what age you are, if you own property, a business, or possess assets, your life’s work could be given to someone who you haven’t spoken to in several years in the event that you don’t have a living will or testament.

Anthony J. Fontana Jr. has over 40 years of experience providing affordable and knowledgable will and succession consultation to individuals and families.