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Slip-And-Fall Attorney For All Of Acadiana

Premises liability cases, sometimes known as “slip-and-fall” cases, are the direct result of a residential or commercial property owner failing to create a safe atmosphere by allowing disrepair, lapses in maintenance and cleanup, and/or negligent upkeep of the property. Most states, including Louisiana, require a minimum effort on the part of a property owner to avoid unreasonable risk of harm to anyone visiting the premises.

In public spaces like supermarkets, restaurants and stores, there is an inherent expectation of the safety of the patrons. Aisles, passageways and floors should be kept clean and free of obvious obstructions. These laws also require a reasonable effort to maintain the premises and keep them free of hazardous conditions. Trips or falls caused by liquid spills, objects dropping from shelving, construction site accidents, unmarked ground obstructions that can cause patrons to fall and broken stairs are all good example of premises liability cases.

If you are involved in a slip/trip and fall accident, when it is safe to do so, you should seek immediate medical attention, have a friend, family member, or yourself document the incident in writing, take photographs of the hazard, document and photograph your injuries, notify the management of the establishment, document the condition of your footwear and clothing, obtain the names of any possible witnesses, acquire the names of the owners of the property. It is also important to avoid making any statements that could establish fault, and discuss your case with a professional law firm. The law offices of Anthony J. Fontana Jr. have extensive experience obtaining justice for victims of slip-and-fall cases.