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Maritime Lawyer | Intercoastal City

Maritime law, simply put, is a law that relates to injuries sustained at sea while in the commission of offshore labor. As the nation’s largest supplier of domestic oil, Louisiana sees its fair share of maritime law cases. If you or someone you love has been injured or killed working offshore, it is imperative to contact a maritime lawyer. Maritime law, like workers’ compensation, is a set of laws that protects workers.

Maritime injuries can result in loss of wages, chronic injuries or death consistent with heavy machinery operation, and long legal cases against large, international oil companies with limitless legal resources. It is this very component of maritime law that necessitates having separate laws for offshore workers. Statutes of limitations apply to maritime cases, so it is imperative that you speak with an experienced legal team as soon as you are physically able. No matter how insignificant an offshore injury may seem at first, it is also incredibly important that you report any injury that occurs while working offshore to the designated authorities.

As with many other types of legal cases, reporting an accident at sea as early as possible can impact whether your case will result in a positive outcome. Don’t waste precious time before, at a minimum, talking to an experienced attorney about your case. Anthony J. Fontana Jr. is an experienced maritime litigator with the resources to fight for you and the detailed knowledge and network of professionals necessary to obtain a favorable outcome in your case.