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A Father’s Rights Affect The Whole Family

Some parents assume that courts give priority to mothers when debating child custody and other critical parenting matters. However, the law gives fathers important rights. These rights are worth protecting, and they can make a difference in the child’s life just as much as the father’s life.

Parents in Abbeville and throughout Louisiana trust Anthony J. Fontana Jr., A Professional Law Corporation, in difficult family disputes. As your lawyer, Anthony Fontana will use his experience to aggressively assert your rights. You and your child deserve compassionate legal support.

What Fatherhood Could Mean For You Legally

Fathers – whether through marriage, paternity or adoption – have legal rights and responsibilities, such as:

  • The opportunity to gain custody or visitation rights for the child
  • The obligation to provide reasonable child support if necessary
  • The ability to pass inheritance and death benefits to the child without a will

Child support and child custody are not automatic guarantees, however. Parents must still seek other orders from the court to determine these specific issues. Furthermore, these parenting-related matters could affect the outcome of property division in divorce.

Depending on the issues you face, Anthony Fontana can advocate for your specific goals. If you want to spend more time bonding with your child, for example, he can stand up for you in custody disputes and parenting time discussions. He knows how to effectively negotiate outside of court and strategically argue in litigation as necessary.

Paternity Grants Rights And Responsibilities For Fathers

For unmarried parents, establishing paternity opens the door to gaining fathers’ rights. Similarly, mothers may want to establish paternity through a court process to seek child support. However, paternity cases can become complex, especially if either party disputes parentage.

Before pursuing paternity, Mr. Fontana can explain what formal recognition of fatherhood could mean for your family. He can also assist you with the process, including both contested and uncontested paternity cases.

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