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Fair Spousal Or Child Support Can Make A Difference

Child support and spousal support are complex issues. The arrangement must be fair to both parties. Even once you have an order, getting the money that you or your child needs to survive is not always easy. Furthermore, as life changes, your order might also need adjustment.

Given the intricacy – and significance – of child and spousal support issues, Anthony J. Fontana Jr., A Professional Law Corporation, offers compassionate counsel. Mr. Fontana cares deeply about helping Louisiana families. The outcome of your case will impact your daily finances, so he is committed to getting positive results for you.

Your Advocate For Complex Support Issues

As your attorney, Mr. Fontana can help you with child and spousal support cases, including:

  • Initial support determination: Courts examine many factors when deciding whether to award support for a child or former spouse. These factors can involve both parties’ income, standard of living, long-term medical needs, length of the marriage and other specific details.
  • Enforcement: Payments must match the amount in the order, and the paying party must pay on time. If the parent or former spouse refuses to follow the order, the receiving party can leverage the courts to hold them accountable.
  • Modifications: If circumstances are different for the child, the receiving spouse or the paying spouse, you may request to modify the original order.

These cases can also involve other legal matters, such as paternity, divorce outcomes and your custody arrangement. Mr. Fontana will carefully review the details of your situation. He has experience in cases that concern children and personal finance. His unique perspective allows him to understand the costs you may face and advocate for your financial needs.

Resolve Conflicts With Proven Legal Insight

Our firm, located in Abbeville, offers empathetic family law representation. Work with our reputable lawyer to seek a fair support order for your family. Call 337-898-8332 or email us to discuss your child support or spousal support dispute today.