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Adoption Attorney For All Of Acadiana

For many Americans, adoption is a loving and selfless way to create or expand a family. Across the United States, adoption and surrogacy laws are ever-changing. Supreme court rulings and legislature on the state level are constantly updating laws on the books, sometimes creating confusion and misinformation. In addition to a proliferation of adoption scandals in recent years, it has become imperative for potential parents hoping to adopt to have effective legal representation.

Adoption is a major, and oftentimes long legal process. It requires secure and safe adoptive parents, and it requires patience and will. When it comes to finding out the specifics of particular adoption laws in our state, it can be frustrating and overwhelming at times. In the event that you are interested in a same state adoption where both the birth mother and your family are from Louisiana, the laws become somewhat clearer and more easily researched. However, if your adoption is a dual-state adoption, where the birth mother lives in another state or country, things become very complicated. It is imperative to acquire the assistance of an adoption lawyer with experience and resources to carry you to the finish line.

The choice to adopt a child is likely the most legally significant decision you will ever make. Nearly everyone has an experience with a friend, family or loved one who has experienced the difficulty and devastation of raising a foster child only to be unable to adopt the child sometimes years later. It is a difficult process with lifelong implications, and a competent and experienced legal advisor is a necessary part of any adoption roadmap.

Anthony J. Fontana Jr. is the grandfather of an adopted child and has over 40 years of experience representing moms and dads who want to start or grow their families.