A Reputation Is Earned, Not Bought

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Misdemeanor Defense Attorney For All Of Acadiana

Facing criminal charges, whether misdemeanor or felony, can have a longstanding impact on your reputation and your name. We work to remove some of the stigma involved and get down to answering your questions to make you feel as prepared, confident and informed as possible in your case. We work tirelessly to achieve positive outcomes for our clients, and we believe that the key to a successful defense begins with a client who feels informed and prepared. While nothing is guaranteed in life, we know that having your questions answered clearly and your options explained fully can give you peace of mind so that you can continue with your work and family life.

Time is of the essence in misdemeanor cases, as the dockets are full and the courts are motivated to move quickly to avoid bottlenecking the criminal justice system further. Many cases in municipal court are resolved within days immediately following arrest or summons. Don’t let the word misdemeanor lead you to believe that there is anything minor about these types of cases. In the state of Louisiana, a misdemeanor is simply defined as a law whose jail sentence cannot exceed one year.

Some employers ask for potential employees to disclose misdemeanor arrests, which can unfairly affect your ability to get a job. In order to have your charges expunged from your case, a criminal defense lawyer must specifically request that the sentence be deferred pursuant to Article 894 of the Code of Criminal Procedure. In the absence of this procedure, you could be forced to wait several years to clear your name.

Anthony J. Fontana Jr. has earned a reputation as a hard-hitting criminal defense attorney over four decades in practice. He has successfully represented thousands of individuals charged with offenses in over 40 years of active criminal defense trial practice.