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Reasons to avoid hiring attorneys that heavily advertise

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2022 | Personal Injury |

Most people have seen them. They are impossible to miss on highway billboards. Walls and benches bear their smiling faces. Radio and late-night television blare their voices. Some attorneys advertise everywhere.

You could experience a personal injury because of an accident that is not your fault. Under such a circumstance, you might contemplate hiring one of these personalities. There are excellent reasons for not choosing such individuals to represent you.


The attorneys that appear in ads are often figureheads for their firms. The chances are low that you will be in touch with the person in the commercials. The likelihood is greater you will wind up coordinating with paralegals instead.


Lawyers with massive advertising campaigns often represent what one describes as settlement mills. Their business model depends on high volume. It does not matter to them that the amounts they get for people are low. Thus, you are unlikely to receive the attention you deserve. Important questions may go unanswered, leaving you worried and discombobulated.


While settling out of court is often the optimal path forward, facing a judge might be preferable. Attorneys with slick advertisements prefer quick decisions to lengthy, complicated trials. One of these lawyers may push you into taking a settlement you find unacceptable. It will not matter if you have favorable odds of winning in court.

Be wary of legal advisors whose likenesses blanket the media landscape. Whomever you hire, check that your counsel intends to handle the case with the care it deserves.