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Tips for sharing the road with trucks

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2022 | Personal Injury |

An accident between a  truck and another motor vehicle can have devastating consequences. Although some collisions may involve truck driver fatigue, poor truck maintenance, speeding, or intoxication, sharing the road with trucks presents various hazards.

Therefore, it is essential to remember these tips when driving on roads with trucks.

Leave enough room

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration recommends a four-second distance between trucks and vehicles in front of them with additional space on roads and highways where speed limits exceed 40 miles per hour. If a heavy truck must suddenly come to a stop, this distance will give it the additional time it needs and prevent it from rear-ending the car ahead of it.

Never cut off a truck

Motorists should also avoid pulling out in front of trucks that need additional time to slow down. Cutting off trucks often involve’s entering their drivers’ blind spots and reduces the space they need to come to a complete stop, potentially leading to a crash.

Adjust your lights

It is a standard practice for drivers to dim their headlights to avoid compromising the vision of oncoming drivers. When the bright lights of cars approach trucks from the opposite direction, they can bounce off the mirrors truck drivers rely upon to see objects in their multiple blind spots. The resulting glare can interfere with a driver’s view of other vehicles and lead to an accident.

Signal sooner

Motorists attempting to switch into another lane in front of a truck should signal sooner than they would when merging in front of other vehicles. Additional time is necessary for the truck driver to make speed adjustments to allow the other vehicle’s entry.

An accident involving a truck can cause life-altering injuries, and recovery depends upon obtaining the maximum damages under the law.