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What should you do after becoming involved in a vehicle crash?

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2022 | Personal Injury |

No one ever expects to become the victim of a vehicle crash, but accidents happen every day. The reality is that you could find yourself involved in one.

It is best to prepare for the unexpected, and there are certain steps to take following a car crash.

Seek medical attention

Serious injuries can occur even after a minor collision, but symptoms of certain injuries may not appear immediately. Therefore, it is best to seek prompt medical attention since you could have underlying issues.

Take notes and photos

Your first step following a vehicle crash is to check yourself and others for possible injuries and call 911 if you need assistance from emergency personnel. Call the police to report the accident. You must then exchange insurance information with the other driver but keep conversation to a minimum. Avoid discussing the cause of the accident and who might be at fault.

Use your cellphone to take pictures of the damage. Take a photo of the other driver’s insurance card and license plate. Jot down notes while everything is fresh in your mind. Important items are the time of day the crash occurred, crash site markers such as road signs, weather conditions and the direction each vehicle was traveling at the time of the crash.

Share information

The doctor you visit will write up a medical report regarding your diagnosis and treatment. The report will also tie any injuries you have directly to the crash. Provide your attorney with copies of both the medical report and the police report. These will be important in filing a claim for insurance compensation. As an injured victim, you should expect maximum coverage for your medical bills, loss of income and more.