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3 common mistakes that lead to medical malpractice

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2022 | Personal Injury |

Medical professionals have a responsibility to provide care when you need it. What happens when it makes you worse?

Malpractice cases occur when a provider does not follow a standard protocol that puts the patient first. To establish a medical malpractice lawsuit, you first need to prove that the provider’s negligence led to further injury or illness. Learn about three common ways a doctor may commit medical malpractice.

1. Diagnostic errors

When you see a doctor with an ailment, you expect the provider to take reasonable steps to get to the bottom of things. A reasonable standard of care dictates the way your doctor should go about reaching a proper diagnosis. If a provider fails to follow an appropriate course of action, you may wind up misdiagnosed or without one. A delay of treatment may prove detrimental in some conditions.

2. Medication mix-ups

Medication is a tricky thing to manage, even for professionals. Some prescriptions do not interact well with each other. When a doctor or facility dispenses the wrong medication, you may find yourself dealing with severe side effects or even death. Drug allergies and interactions rank relatively high on a list of common malpractice examples.

3. Birth injuries

When a doctor fails to intercede in lengthy labor and delivery, the baby and mother may suffer. Many birth injuries are preventable. A mother who labors too long may eventually birth a child with a brain injury due to oxygen deprivation. Not all birth injuries sustained by babies are easily identifiable. Some may not manifest for days, months or years after birth.

When managing your health, do not let questions go unanswered. Do what you can to interact and engage with doctors, and continue to follow up to ensure that your health is a priority for everyone involved.