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What you should know about rural roads

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2021 | Personal Injury |

While Abbeville is one of the safest towns in Louisiana, you should be wary of its countryside roads. You can come across safety hazards that are uncommon in metropolitan areas, and the high volume of farming and bulk transport can make matters worse.

Not every roadway is the same, but there are some common attributes you should keep in mind.

Road conditions

Rural roads are often ridden with potholes, mud patches, fallen trees and other obstructions that can throw you off. These roads tend to be curvy and hilly with poor edgings. In many areas, countryside roads have no barriers at all.


The vehicles you come across on rural roads can be far different from what you are familiar with. Trucks and tractors may be rolling along slowly, so you must look out for them. Because rural roads tend to have police officers on patrol, there may be more drunk drivers out and about. On top of this, if the roadway does not have multiple lanes, aggressive driving can be more likely.


In the event of an accident, you may have a harder time getting emergency help on a rural road. A rescue helicopter might have a hard time finding a good spot to land, and rough terrain may slow an ambulance down. Contacting someone can also be difficult since some countryside areas do not have good cell phone service.

You may think that country roads are safer than city roads, but making such assumptions can lead to serious injury and other problems down the line. The solution is not for you to avoid rural roads at all costs, but to remain mindful of your surroundings.