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The top three diagnostic errors in Los Angeles

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2021 | Personal Injury |

Diagnostic errors are a medical malpractice issue. They happen when a medical professional makes a mistake in determining the problem facing a patient. These medical mistakes can result in wrong treatment, leading to worse complications and, sometimes, death.

Cardiovascular events

It’s common for medical professionals to miss the early signs of a cardiovascular event and make a wrong diagnosis. The most common diagnostic error in this area is missing an MI (myocardial infarction) or stroke, which can lead to death if not treated immediately. Another common cardiovascular diagnostic error involves varicose veins. Doctors usually miss these medical emergencies because they aren’t looking for them. Keep in mind that the symptoms of an MI and stroke are similar to other conditions, so it’s important that the medical professional is aware of what to look for.


When a medical professional fails to diagnose the presence of an infection, it’s usually because they don’t have access to proper equipment, or they just miss clues from prior tests and examinations. Unfortunately, medical malpractice cases involving a missed infection often result in a patient’s death.

Some serious medical conditions that medical professionals commonly miss are bladder infections, UTIs and pneumonia. The symptoms of these medical conditions can be very similar to other medical problems, so it’s essential that the medical professional has all information necessary to make a proper diagnosis.


There are many different types of medical mistakes that could occur when diagnosing this serious disease, from overlooking the symptoms and signs to treating it as something else. In some cases, medical professionals miss tumors caused by breast implants or other cosmetic surgeries. If medical professionals fail to diagnose cancer early, it can cause life-threatening medical complications, such as organ failure and death, and lead to medical malpractice compensation claims.

Getting a wrong medical diagnosis can have serious medical consequences, which is why medical professionals need to be aware of the diagnostic errors that happen most often. Luckily, medical professionals can take steps to avoid these mistakes and earn patient trust.