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3 simple reasons a truck’s air brakes may fail

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2021 | Personal Injury |

Commercial trucks may weigh as much as 80,000 pounds, making them considerably heavier than other vehicles. To keep truck drivers, motorists and pedestrians safe, trucks must have quality air brakes. If a semi’s brakes fail, of course, a catastrophic accident may be imminent.

A truck’s brake failure may cause you to suffer life-altering injuries. While you cannot control what truckers and trucking companies do, you may want to know who is to blame for brake failures. Generally, brakes on any commercial vehicle may not work properly due to three simple reasons.

1. Improper maintenance

Trucking companies often try to keep overhead as low as possible. If a truck’s owner cuts corners when maintaining the vehicle, though, your life may be in danger. Consequently, operators should regularly inspect and service brakes to ensure they continue to work normally.

2. Irregular loading

Like all vehicles, commercial trucks have a carrying capacity. If loaders add too much weight or balance a trailer improperly, the truck’s brakes may not be able to stop the vehicle. Likewise, irregular loading may cause brakes to wear out prematurely, potentially contributing to a serious crash in between service intervals.

3. Manufacturing defects

Truck manufacturers typically invest significant time and money into research and development. Still, if a truck has a brake-related design defect, the vehicle may be a ticking time bomb. Regrettably, until the manufacturer has evidence of brake failures, it is not likely to take proactive steps to address the defect.

Ultimately, if you have mounting medical bills following a collision with a tractor-trailer, investigating the condition of the truck’s brakes may help you recover substantial financial compensation.