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Differences between covenant divorce and other divorces

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2021 | Divorce |

If you are considering divorce in Louisiana, you may be wondering what the differences are between a covenant divorce and other divorces. This article discusses covenant divorces to help you decide if this type is right for you.

Divorce permission

A covenant divorce requires one spouse to ask the other for permission before getting divorced. If they refuse, this is grounds for a contested divorce because of the lack of consent. In other divorces, the spouse can ask for a divorce without permission from their partner.

The two-year waiting period for divorce

Covenant divorce requires a two-year waiting period before it gets finalized. This helps to ensure that you and your spouse have time to think through all of your options and do not rush into an agreement in order to avoid conflicts.

In other divorces, there is no waiting period. Anyone may file for divorce at any time, and the divorce will get finalized as soon as it goes to court.


In a covenant divorce arrangement, you have to attend and complete pre-divorce counseling. This is important because it helps couples prepare for divorce and the changes ahead. It also ensures that neither of you will be making rash decisions without fully considering all options or have any regrets after the divorce.

Additionally, in many covenant divorces, the couple will need to attend post-divorce counseling. This helps them both reinforce their decision and move forward with life after divorce. In other divorces, there is no requirement for counseling before or after the process.

Finding yourself in a position where you are considering divorce in Louisiana can be overwhelming. However, understanding what you need to expect in a covenant divorce can make starting the process easier.