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The dangers of shift work in Louisiana

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2021 | Personal Injury |

Shift work, which is a work schedule outside the hours of 7 a.m. and 6 p.m., increases your likelihood of getting into a car accident. You could develop shift work sleep disorder that not only puts you at greater risk of auto accidents but causes other problems with your health.

Poor quality sleep

On average, you lose one to four hours of sleep per night when you have shift work sleep disorder because you have trouble either falling asleep or staying asleep. You might experience fatigue or reduced alertness while at work. This can cause you to make mistakes or injure yourself or someone else.

People who have shift work disorder are at higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease, cancer and gastrointestinal disorders. Those who use alcohol or other drugs to fall asleep are more prone to developing an addiction, which can lead to being intoxicated behind the wheel.

Car accidents

Some research has shown that shift work sleep disorder makes you three times as likely to get into car accidents. When you feel tired, you are also more likely to crash whether you work regular hours or not. Drowsy driving is as bad as drunk driving.

Signs that you are too drowsy to drive are yawning, blinking frequently, being unable to remember the past few miles traveled, hitting a rumble strip and drifting from your lane. You could fall asleep for a few seconds and wreck the car. Even if you don’t briefly fall asleep, your loss of focus can result in a car accident.

Shift work can wreak havoc on a driver’s ability to sleep well. This comes with consequences, including a higher risk of car accidents. If a drowsy driver collided with your vehicle and caused you injuries, you may be eligible for compensation.