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Co-parenting can be successful even after messy divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2021 | Divorce |

Once the divorce and custody agreements are finalized, some Louisiana parents will find themselves figuring out how to move forward while sharing legal and physical custody. This might seem like a daunting situation, particularly after a contentious divorce, but it can still be successful if the parents remember to put the children’s best interest first.

Start with communication

As with any relationship, communication is central to success. However, when a marriage ends in divorce, an issue with communication is often a factor. The challenge is that parenting does not end with divorce, particularly when the parents are sharing physical custody. Figuring out how to communicate amicably, in a positive manner that focuses on the kids is the first step towards success. If parents still find it hard to talk face to face often, they might also use a variety of apps and other technology designed to help modern families with child custody situations.

The experts’ tips for successful shared parenting

There are many other things parents can do once they begin the shared parenting journey. According to the experts, successful shared parenting results in emotionally stable kids who feel loved and supported by both parents. The experts’ tips to achieve this include:

  • Being realistic about each parent’s work and social commitments to ensure that both are going into shared parenting in a level-headed way
  • Creating a custody arrangement that considers the needs, commitments and situations of each of the family members
  • Allowing the children to have some input about the custody arrangements based on their ages
  • Speaking positively about the other parent and supporting their relationship with the children
  • Being flexible about last-minute changes that might affect the schedule

Parents can work together to create a loving, supportive environment for their children. They might also remember that the custody arrangements will probably need to be revisited from time to time to accommodate the changes within the family.