Anthony J. Fontana Jr.Attorney at Law

Personal Injury Attorney in Abbeville and Vermilion Parish

I attended Tulane University and graduated with a B.A. degree in history in 1972.  I was then accepted by the Tulane Law School, where I graduated in 1974, and was sworn in by the Supreme Court to practice law in Louisiana in October of 1974. This October 2016, I will have been practicing law for 42 years.  Over those years, I have extensive experience in personal injury law, family law, criminal defense (including DWI defense), wills and successions, and I have particular expertise in representing individuals, particularly children who have been sexually abused.


Over these years I have taken on cases against some of the most powerful insurance companies, corporations, public bodies, the State of Louisiana and the Catholic Church. I have handled the cases of most of the children sexually abused by Father Gilbert Gauthe and other priests in this area and the other states.  I understood these cases at a time when doing so in Catholic South Louisiana was not a popular thing to do.  Yet even here, I was able to convince a jury of 12 people to award a young man and his family damages against the Catholic Church and its insurance company in the amount of $1.6 million, and after that precedence was set, similar cases settled out of Court for $900,000.00 to one million dollars.


I never claimed to be the smartest lawyer around.  But I do promise my clients that I will standup for them against the biggest and most powerful defendants there are. My reputation as a lawyer, I am proud to say, was earned by hard work…and not bought through the use of flashy self-serving advertising.


When you need someone to be your voice no matter who or how powerful the defendant is, call me at 1-337-898-8332 for a free consultation. I will be there for you and your family every step of the way.