Child Support Lawyer in Abbeville and Vermilion Parish

Child support is a continual obligation of both parents in the State of Louisiana. Children are entitled, by law, to share in any income of their parents, no matter their financial background. The law does not consider out-of-wedlock births or children of divorce any differently than children of married couples, and does not give preferential treatment to any particular scenario over another. As stated on the Louisiana State Legislature’s website, “While the legislature acknowledges that the expenditures of two-household divorced, separated, or non-formed families are different from intact family households, it is very important that the children of this state not be forced to live in poverty because of family disruption and that they be afforded the same opportunities available to children in intact families, consisting of parents with similar financial means to those of their own parents.”

Schedules or charts that measure expenditures of child rearing and economic factors like parental income are available to families to properly calculate child support payments based on current data. The courts¬†will determine the “adjusted gross income,” meaning your gross income minus any other prior child support or spousal support payments for each parent to assign a dollar amount to child support obligation. “Combined adjusted gross income” is simply the adjusted gross income of both parents.

Income is defined as actual gross income of a fully employed parent, as well as potential income if one party is willfully unemployed. Medical expenses, cost of healthcare insurance, child care costs (formula, diapers, clothing etc.) and nursery or sitting costs may also be considered in child support cases.

The law offices of Anthony J. Fontana Jr. has experience fighting these difficult cases. You do not have to raise a child alone, there are strict laws in place to ensure that this never has to happen. Wages can be garnished even if you and your child’s other parent are not on speaking terms and/or you have full legal custody of the child. Give your child a better life by collecting on the child support you both deserve.